Mechanics of Lifting

About the Workshop

The Mechanics of Lifting workshop is designed for trainers to understand and begin to apply biomechanical principles to training movements, to create safe, efficient and effective programs. This workshop will teach participants how to analyse movement from a scientific standpoint, and what can be done to maximise their client’s desired results.

The relationship between various segments of the body, and the effect of movement at one joint has on movement at another, will be discussed and you will learn how to correct common flaws in certain exercises. Overall, the workshop aims to provide the basis for you to extend your learning and maximise your potential as a trainer.

Mechanics of Lifting


  • Introduction and explanation of Biomechanics
  • Fundamental Biomechanical Principles
  • The importance of proper mechanics in lifting
  • Bracing techniques
  • The benefits of a neutral spine throughout human movement
  • Specific biomechanics for the Squat, The Overhead Press, The Deadlift and the Pull-up
  • Common faults and tips for improving mechanics to assist in safe and effective movement

The Mechanics of Lifting Workshop is approximately 4 hours long and is worth 2 PDP (Physical Activity Australia) and 4 CECs (Fitness Australia).

NOTE: This course is only for those with a completed Cert IV in Fitness.


  • Access to post-workshop resources page which contains a comprehensive manual with pictures and detailed descriptions of the exercises you learned, plus Power Band training programs.
  • TradePass prices on some of our equipment if you are a personal trainer
  • Ongoing support – you can contact us at any stage with questions

NOTE: There is both practical and theoretical assessment hurdles required to pass the Workshop and become accredited.


You can’t walk away from any Power Band workshop and be an instant expert, being a great Power Band trainer means constantly up-skilling. Iron Edge cares about training standards in Australia, so we provide FREE ongoing support for all workshop participants. This means you have access to our instructors whenever you have questions or need technique analysis, giving you the opportunity to rise above the sea of mediocre trainers currently on the market.

Once you’re certified, Iron Edge will also promote your services through their website. The way we see it: the more quality trainers out there the better.

In short, Power Bands have the potential to radically change the emphasis of all kinds of activities, thereby dramatically increasing their yield and level of interest. As with even the most simple piece of equipment, sophisticated use requires sophisticated knowledge. For this reason, the workshop has been developed by Iron Edge in conjunction with Cohesion Strength and Conditioning, a team of personal trainers who have years of experience training both elite athletes and the general public. This workshop is designed to give you all the knowledge you need to apply Power Bands to whatever client – or situation – you require.

NOTE: You will need to pass a multiple choice exam at the end of the course to pass this workshop and become accredited.

Mechanics of Lifting

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